True Story – Final Part

Continued from Part1, Part 2 and Part 3

So now Anjali was sure that Sanjay has got an affair. When she came back home, she was totally exhausted and fully shattered. Her mind was blank. Then her old house owner just dropped into her house. Looking at her, she could sense that something is wrong. Upon checking Anjali told her everything whatever happened and started crying. To Anjali’s horror, that owner lady revealed some horror things about Sanjay, which she could not believe at all.

When Anjali had gone for delivery to her mom’s place, Sanjay used to get some girls to home. He also had an affair with a girl who was working in the Beauty Parlour nearby to her house. Slowly so many things got revealed that Anjali could not believe her ears.

So when Sanjay came back home, she just outburst all her anger on Sanjay and Sanjay was shocked to see this. But instead of apologizing, he started abusing Anjali and started beating her. She was brutally got hurt all over her body. Next day when Sanjay went outside, she decided that enough is enough and immediately, she called up her brother, mom and cousins and told entire thing to them. Everyone was very shocked to hear this. Immediately they went to police station and gave a complaint and FIR was filed. The police then arrested Sanjay and beaten up Sanjay very badly that he was literally bleeding. Then immediately he just fell at Anjali’s feet and apologized for whatever he has done to her and requested her to give one more chance, otherwise, these police will kill him. She was no mood to change her decision. But the police told her to give him a chance and see, but if he has not changed, then we will do whatever you say. Even her cousin also told her to give a chance. Finally she agreed, but both were not in talking terms. Both started living like a strangers in a house.

One day, when she was just going through some papers, she found one paper, which was shocking. It was a divorce document from first wife of Sanjay. She was totally shattered. She didn’t know that Sanjay was already married and had a kid. Also, the divorce granted dated was the time where Sanjay had married Anjali and had a kid with Anjali. She got to know why Sanjay was frequently visiting his native place, by telling lies to her that he is going to sort out some ancestral properties. Now she became sure what she has to do and immediately took all the documents and left home with the kid. Next both were seen in the court for hearing. Sanjay was sent to jail for two days and then he got bail.

To cut the story short, the case went on for two years. Finally Anjali got bugged up for running around the court with the lawyers; she chose the out of court settlement. She didn’t had any choice as the case was just not moving further, either the judge used to change or Sanjay was not attending the hearing. Anjali asked for compensation as she has to take care of the kid. The court asked Sanjay whether he wants to keep the kid with him, Sanjay answered coolly that he does not want the kid and let Anjali keep it. Such b****d he is. Sanjay has agreed to give the compensation, but the amount is too less, as compared to the expenses for the kid. But Anjali is no mood to argue with him, she just wanted a divorce now and just clear this case. Sanjay has asked for 6 months to deposit the amount. So Anjali is waiting for that day.

But on the other hand, Anjali is struggling so much to take care of the kid. She does not spend unnecessarily on anything. Even to buy a safety pin, she just thinks twice. She is just 30 years now, but she has buried all her wishes for her daughter. But that f***g a****e is roaming freely without any responsibilities. Now whose fault is it? I really not able to understand and I feel so sorry for her. I am trying to help her a bit, but how much can I help her?

Now her family is planning for a second marriage, with good boy, but Anjali is not interested. She is just worried what if the boy turns like Sanjay. But I feel that if she gets married, it would be better, as everyone will not be like Sanjay and since, family members are involved in searching the groom, they will check everything about the boy and finalize it. So Anjali has kept the option open.

I just wish her all the best for her future and hopefully she gets a boy who is understanding and takes care of her and her daughter.
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5 Responses to True Story – Final Part

  1. Swaram says:

    Oh I am happy she is no more with such a person atleast! One of my Mom's cousins did go for a second marriage after something similar and is really happy nw! Nt all men r the same. But, I think Anjali shud be free to decide the way she wants to lead her life.

  2. Kavya says:

    Ya I know Swaram, its her life and she has to take the decision. I have just told her my views and i left her to take the decision.

  3. even i love the punyakoti story. My mother used to tell us this story so frequently

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