Mobile Story !!

I changed my caller tune to Kites today. But while I was doing that, I just remembered about the past, when I got my first mobile.

I started my career at the age of 18. So that time, landline was used widely. Mobile was very costly, only the people who can afford it were using it. In my family, no one had mobile and everyone had land line. In 2003, I got first mobile courtesy PK. He gifted that mobile to me. It was Nokia 3310. It’s just an awesome mobile. I gave that hand set to my aunt and she is still using it without any problem.

When I got that mobile, I was just so happy. First time when I held it, I was just flying. Once I reached home, I just showed it everyone and everyone was so surprised. I had told them that office had provided me a mobile. Everyone held the mobile with that surprising look.

I remember one incident. One day, one courier person came to our office to hand over a courier. So I collected the courier. My mobile was kept on the desk and I just went inside. After 5 mins, I came out and I could not locate my mobile. I just searched everyone. I tried to call, but mobile was switched off. Then I suspected that courier boy and I immediately sent my office boy to locate him. But he was not able to locate him. Then I called up the courier office and told them the incident. I just don’t know how much I cried for that mobile. I just fired that manager and told him that at any cost I have to get that mobile. First thing I got emotional because, PK had gifted me and second thing, it was my first mobile and had got lots of attachment to it. Finally, they went to his house and located the mobile and finally I got my mobile safely next day. Wow, I got so much relief that day.

Lots of service started coming with the mobile. Ringtone was one fun we used to have. Oh my god, where all I used to try to get the ringtones. I used to search in the internet, transfer from friends etc. Messages was also fun, as I used to get minimum 15-20 forwarded messages and I also used to forward it to everyone. Sending messages had become a routine ritual for me. Once I leave home, I used to start messaging everyone.

Then the caller tune craze came down. I immediately activated that with some hindi song. Wow, I used to get so many calls from my cousin, just to listen to that song (cousins were in school and college that time) and they used to be very happy. Whenever, I go to their house, they immediately used to grab my mobile and just check each and every item in the mobile. So I made sure that I deleted the messages from PK, so that they don’t get any clue about our courtship. It was seriously fun.

Then slowly this mobile became crazy, especially when Reliance introduced mobile for Rs.500/-. I was able to see everyone with mobile. Now my cousins also have got mobile and they keep sending forwarded messages to me. But now, I don’t even send a single forwarded message to anyone. I feel awkward now.

I used to use all the features in the mobile. But now, I am not at all interested in feature of the mobile. I use Samsung and I just use message, calls and alarm. That’s it. I just don’t use anything else in that. PK has offered me many times to buy a mobile, but somehow I don’t have any interest in that. I just feel that it’s just message and call I use the mobile, so why should I waste money on those costly mobile? Anyway, it depends upon the interest of the individual.

So what about you? When did you owned your first mobile? And what make was it? Just go on and remember your past time.
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7 Responses to Mobile Story !!

  1. Swaram says:

    Nice post down the memory lane. The first one I owned ws gifted by my mausi when I took up my first job. I had one before that too, in college .. but that one I hd picked up from those @ home 🙂 My first ws a Motorola V600 :)I always want Camera and gud Music in my mobile .. so I usually go for the Camera Series or Music Series :)Ur experiences with ur cousins and trying to hide ur courtship r damn funny 🙂 🙂 :)So, u got ur first mobile from office eh 😛 😛

  2. Shilpa says:

    First mobile is sure a loving memory… Nice post 🙂

  3. Ha Ha.. Nice Post..Reminded me of my days.. Ooops!! These are my days.. :PMy first mobile was NOKIA 1108, & i got it in july 2006, when i first joined my college..Then i switched to MOTOROLA L6..& now a days I am using NOKIA 2700 classic.. :))P.S. Nokia 3310 is a legend..P.P.S. Today was the last official day of my college.. *strange* ;P

  4. Kavya says:

    @ Swaram:- Yeah it was funny now.. but that time, it was scary.. Used to get tensed that they will come to know about that.. Oh my god, i used to tell so much lies.. Ha ha ha.. Sure it was fun..

  5. Kavya says:

    @ Shilpa:- Thanks for dropping by.. first mobile is always a best memory

  6. Kavya says:

    @ Arpit: Oh sad.. last day of your college.. I can understand how you might be feeling.. Anyway, all the best for your corporate world.

  7. Wow! good post! :)The firsts of everything is always special!And I think nokia 3310 was an awesome handset…They really don't make 'em that good anymore.All the features just move away from the purpose of a mobile.My current one is nokia 5310. I saved up my own allowance and bought it, so it's really special! 🙂

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