Suggestion !!

We are planning to have house warming ceremony of our new house in this July and shift to new place immediately. All our family members are coming down to attend the function from Bangalore. I am seriously feeling great as after long time, we are going to have a get together at our place in Mumbai.

Now, I would like to gift every family with some unique gift, instead of giving gift to the individual. There are around 7-8 families who are immediate family, to whom I wanted to give a gift. So please give me some suggestions of innovative gifts which I can give for this ceremony as a token of memory. It should be useful for them and they should not just dump that somewhere. They should really like that. Yeah, the gift should be economical also, as we cannot afford much money now.

So please let me know the some gift ideas for the family.
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11 Responses to Suggestion !!

  1. Just go searching in a mall. You'll find so many pretty things for the house, you can pick up stuff from the home store or something…Either a wall hanging, a nice photo frame (with an enlarged photo of your entire family) or a candle stand etc. You've myriads of options especially in mumbai!

  2. Swaram says:

    Thatz so nice Kavya. Makes for some cherished moments :)I liked the idea of giving one gift per family .. I feel a photo frame with ur family pic would be a nice idea šŸ™‚

  3. Kavya says:

    @ Niveditha:- Thanks for the suggestion. I am planning for some individual family mug or may be photo frame.. how will it be?..

  4. Kavya says:

    @swaram: Thanks for the suggestion Swaram. I am also planning for a photo frame or a mug..

  5. momofrs says:

    Hi K, I loved the idea of gifting a Mug…but then,it would be much better if you can gift them a mug which has their family snap on it.It would take a little rummaging through your albums for it, but believe me, it'll be worth the effort šŸ˜€

  6. Kavya says:

    @momofrs: Thanks for dropping by and for the suggestion.. Yes I am also planning the way you have told.. For that i need to catch hold one of my cousin, bribe him / her, for not letting out the secrets and get the photos:)

  7. Swaram says:

    Ya nice idea. I only thot frame bcoz mug wil b one for so many ppl in the family šŸ˜‰ But u got an awesome idea there to gift the family instead of individual members šŸ™‚

  8. Hey,Your idea is good. But a nice photo frame would be always a better idea compared to a mug. Seeing your earlier snaps makes me think that you have a good resolution camera. Use it and make them sit in families..tell them it is for your memories. Click snaps..In a place like mumbai you will get the snaps developed in a hour or so.Decide the photo frams and buy them..As mentioned home center has a good collection..and then fix them in..If you buy a wooden frame buy a permanent market and write a good statement or a message on the frame..Once they put in their home your words make them remember you.Hope you like the idea.Priya.

  9. Kavya says:

    @Swaram: Thanks. I am going with the photo frame :)@ Thoughts Forever: Thanks for dropping by and for the wonderful ideas you have given.. I am going with Photo frame..

  10. BROKEN STAR says:

    how about dinner set?

  11. Kavya says:

    @broken Star: Thanks for dropping by.. Dinner set is also a good idea. lets see..

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