Travel Thursday – Alibhag – Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Next we went to Kankeshwar temple. This temple is around 12 kms from Alibhag and the temple is almost 1200 feet high. To reach this temple, we have to climb around 700-750 steps. Climbing the step was too tiring as the steps were not proper. Each step was too high and was very difficult to climb. There is a story for the steps which goes that Lord Shiva himself stepped here after the construction of the temple and the steps. So the place is called Devachi Payari which means god’s step. You should have good stamina to reach this temple. In the mid of these steps, there is a sign called ‘Nagobacha Tappa’ which means a place for snakes. They say that snakes will be moving around always. But I don’t remember of seeing any snakes. We took around 3 hrs to reach the temple. But once we reached there, all our tiredness just vanished within a second. The temple was awesome. There are different temples situated there. The main temple is Shiva temple. Beside this temple, there is a water tank popularly known as “Pushkarni”, which has water almost throughout the year. The view from the hill is too good. One more attraction in the temple is monkeys. You will see many monkeys, who will be waiting to just attack the food which you carry. But they are fun. Also, you will find a peacock.

Next we visited Birla Mandir. I think all the Birla Mandir all over India is built in the same manner. I have visited Hyderabad and Alibhag. Since, no camera was allowed in this place, we could not take any photographs. The place was awesome and was well maintained. It was very clean and very peaceful, especially, the park which they have made adjacent to the temple, is awesome.

Next we visited a friend’s place who live there near the Nagaon beach. Their house was awesome and view from their place was too good. They have got greenery all over the place. They have constructed some cottages for people to stay. All the material in the cottage is made up of wood. Chair, table, glass, plate, cottage, everything. The place was very good. They had two dogs which were very cute. They had some rare collections of antic pieces at their place, which we could not stop admiring at it. They have private beach for themselves which means other than the cottage users, no one else can use the beach and hence the beach was very clean. We enjoyed in the beach and played cricket. It was totally fun.

Then it was 31st December and hence we celebrated the New Year night with cake. We had bonfire and lots of dance happened and finally we cut the cake at 12. Next day morning we played in the swimming pool and got ready and left to Mumbai with heavy heart. This trip was totally awesome with so many people around and we were just out of the busy life. We totally spent there around 8 days and we just enjoyed each and every moment there.

Lastly no fun without the photograph of the beach.. Here it goes
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4 Responses to Travel Thursday – Alibhag – Part 2

  1. Chatterbox says:

    Wow! what a wonderful travelogue…loved the narration and the beautiful pictures :)I felt as if I was with you guys for the whole experience :DSimply wonderful!!

  2. Swaram says:

    Wow! U got to celebrate New Year in such a lovely way 🙂 Nice Kavya :)I luvvvv the collection @ ur friend's place 🙂

  3. Nice! :)I'm beginning to like Alibagh more and more!And I love the monkeys! 😛 😛

  4. Kavya says:

    @chatterbox: That was a wonderful Compliments.. Thank you so much..@ Swaram: Ya new year was totally fun.@ Niveditha: Alibhag is very nice. You have visit it to feel it..

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