Update !!

New update from my friend Z, whose story I had mentioned here.

I spoke to her mom and she told me that lot of arguments and fighting’s happened between X and Z. Z didn’t budge for anything. Good thing was X’s family like Uncles and Aunts were all on Z side and she had lots of support. Finally he apologized to her and just begged her to take the complaint back. She kept a condition that he has to give the divorce first and then she will take back the complaint.

Now Z is not at all bothered about X. She is working in a good company and is very happy. I told her that she should have continued with the complaint, as atleast he will learn a lesson. But she says that there is no point in doing that, as the case will just get postpone and she can’t bear all those tortures of visiting the court now and then. Finally X has agreed for the divorce and both of them have filed divorce on mutual consent. According to the Law, if you have filed the divorce on mutual consent, you need to wait for 6 months. So now another 3 months they need to wait for the divorce. Z has told clearly that she does not want a single rupee from X as compensation and he should never try to keep in touch with kids in future. He has agreed for everything.

Hopefully, she gets divorce soon and can lead her life peacefully.

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4 Responses to Update !!

  1. Nu says:

    oh o! Don't know much about your friend since haven't read the earlier post…But I guess whatever is happening is for her own good..Good Luck to her!

  2. Swaram says:

    Oh God! Even I am heaving a sigh of relief nw! And Kavya, thanks for asking 🙂 I am abs. fine 🙂 That Sad Swaram tag ws just to go with the mood of the post 😉 Sry for hvng confused so many of u lol 😉

  3. OMg scary!I read everything. I hope Z is alright. :)Wish the best for her.It's the worst thing if your husband turns out like that.It can be so emotionally heavy on you.

  4. Kavya says:

    @ Nu: You are right.. whatever happens it is for good..@ Swaram: You are welcome dear..@ Niveditha: You are right, everyone have to be very careful when they are choosing their partner..

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