Travel Thursday – Dapoli

Note: Long post ahead.

After marriage in 2007, my first new year was celebrated in Alibhag about which I have posted here and here.

Next New Year was celebrated in Dapoli. I know I have told about this place many a times, but trust me how much ever I say about this place, will not be enough. We never thought that this place will be so nice. We had followed a trend that Christmas and New Year has to be celebrated outside with friends and hence we decided that we will go once again to Alibhag. But one of the friend suggested that we will go to Dapoli. I was not at all interested as I had liked Alibhag very much and I wanted to go there once again. Since, all others agreed to go there, I also accepted. I think I should thank that person who suggested this place. If people would have listed to me and cancelled to go to Dapoli, then definitely we would have missed this place.

Since, no one has ever gone there; we thought of exploring that place first and find out the hotel or lodge. Hence, we both left in first week of December on early Saturday morning. Dapoli is around 235kms from Mumbai. In Dapoli, there are no such things to see. But around Dapoli there are many places to visit. Once we reached Dapoli, we checked up the places to visit and we decided to visit Murud.

Murud is around 11kms from Dapoli and we checked the hotels first. We finalized the hotel and thought of visiting the beach. From the hotel it is just 1 or 2kms and the beach were awesome. I am just not able to express in words. It was an excellent experience. The beach water was crystal clear. So we decided that we have to come for New Year here.
Finally on December 25th 2008, we left with some couple of friends in two cars to this marvelous place. There are different beaches connected with each other. The beaches are called Murud, Karde, Harnai, Anjarle, Ade, Kelshi, Ladghar,etc. We drove the car beside beach and it was an awesome experience. We could not see all the beaches, but we were able to cover most of the places.
Here are the photos of the beach.
After beach, we visited Panhalekaji. It is a rock-cut cave which is around 1000 years old. It is around 20 kms from Dapoli. The caves are in bad condition, but worth seeing as we can see some beautiful sculptures. There are around 29 caves and also there is river which flow down beside these caves and the view is awesome. There is also a river which flows down beside the caves. We don’t know much about the history of this caves as there is no guide to inform us the history. Let the picture speak about this caves.

Then we visited a Catholic church which was in Harnai. Since, we visited the church on 29th; the church was decorated for Christmas and New Year eve. The church was awesome. I used to visit church in Bangalore – Infant jesus church every Thursday and loved it. I visited this place and this one was also awesome.

Then we visited Harnai port. Every evening, hundreds of fishing boat come back after fishing and gather there to auction the fish. Also, we took a boat to visit forts. There are around 4 forts – Suvarnadurg, Kanakdurg, Goa Fort and Fategad. We visited Kanakadurg Fort. There was no guide available here also and hence was not able to find out the history of this fort. But it was good experience.

Also, we visited Unhavare, which is called natural Hot water springs. The boiling water comes from deep inside the earth and is very clear. It is said that throughout the year, whether it is rainy or summer or winter, the water will be always hot. It is also said that this water has got some medicinal value and can cure any skin diseases. The hot water will be collected in a small pool, where the people just immerse their leg and just put some water on their body. There are rooms to take bath. We could not stay for long as the place was pretty hot and could not withstand the heat.

There are many temples to visit and since we were in short of time, we could visit only some temple, like Durga Temple and Ganesh temple. There are also still many more places to visit, which we could not make it. There will be dolphin watching in the early morning in the beaches, which we could not make it as early morning it will be too chill to get out of the bed. We stayed there around 8 days and totally had fun over there. Yeah, how can I forget the games we played there? We just became kids there and we even played kuntebille (I dont know what they call in English). It was so much fun. I think I played this game after around 15 years. PK got three houses and balance could get only one house . Also we played with marbels, cards, dum sharas, anthakshari, badminton, cricket.

The food is fantastic here and if you are a non-vegetarian, you will just love the varieties you get here. But vegetarian food was also too good and you get that typical Maharashtraian food like Solkadi, Thepla, etc.

Finally we celebrated New Year with dance, drinks and food and came back with heavy heart.
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3 Responses to Travel Thursday – Dapoli

  1. Chatterbox says:

    Wow! thank you Kavya for sharing those gorgeous pictures…I actually lived all those precious moments through these pictures just the way you would have 🙂

  2. Swaram says:

    Oh wow! I never knew abt the existence of hot-water springs there :)Beaches, port, caves along with that …. awesome place to visit indeed :)Gr8 post Kavya 🙂 What a lovely place to bring in the new year 🙂

  3. Kavya says:

    @chatterbox: Thanks for the compliments@swaram:Thanks

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