Travel Thursday – Belgaum

Last year rainy season, we went to Belgaum and I just say it was an awesome experience.

PK had some official work at Belgaum. So I thought of joining him there. I wanted to go to Belgaum only for two reasons. First one was that I will be always ready for the long drive with PK. Long drive are the time, wherein we get real time to spend each other and just enjoy the drive, as we lead a very busy life and does not get much time for ourselves. Secondly, I was working with a Firm in 2002 and I had a colleague K, who was in our Gokak Factory and I was working at the Regional office in Bangalore. We used to coordinate lots of time for official and slowly we had become very good friends. After I left the organization we stayed in touch. But we were never able to meet each other. So till last year, we had not seen each other, but we were in constant touch. K also had left that organization and had joined some company in Belgaum. When PK told that he is leaving to Belgaum, I immediately convinced him that I will join him and told him that this time, I have to meet K. He also agreed. I informed K about this and he was also very happy. Then PK left by car one day prior with his colleague. Then I went by bus and joined him next day.

I landed there on Friday morning and the weather was just awesome. I never knew that Belgaum was so nice. It was drizzling and whole weather was foggy. PK came to pick me up from the Bus stand and we went to hotel for fresh up. We stayed at Sankam Residency and the hotel is too good. The food, ambience and staff were very nice. So we got ready and had our breakfast. I called up K and told him that I have landed and gave him the address. I was also happy that I will be able to meet his wife and son as well. Finally, we were able to meet and it was fun. He was making fun of me and I was just pulling his leg. His wife is very sweet and his son very cute. In just short time, we became very good friends. Then K told the place we need to visit. Since, we had only two days, we don’t want to end up in seeing too many places and get stressed, so we thought of seeing only two places.

K took us to a place called Amboli. Wow, that place was awesome. It is around 70 kms from Belgaum city. On the way to Amboli, we just halted at some falls and enjoyed it. It was drizzing and we had hot tea and pakoras which was just bliss. We just enjoyed very much. Then we left to Amboli.


Amboli is a hill station and is best to go in rainy and winter season. During rainy season, we can see many waterfalls. The mountains view will be awesome. Too many people visit this place in the weekend. But when you enter the falls, you have to be very careful, as some idiots will be having fun with alcohol and you can find some glass pieces lying around the falls. I just dont know what fun they get in breaking the glass. Anyway, the whole place will be greenary and too good to spend the weekend. There is Vittal Kamath restaurant, but you don’t get much variety there. The food is decent.


From there, we came back to hotel as PK had urgent office work. Then K and his family left to their home. K had got office on Saturday and hence he was feeling sorry for not accompanying us to the other point. But he invited us for the dinner at his house on Saturday. We accepted.

Next day, we left hotel and went to see Kavelset. I really do not know what this place is about. But I just can say that this place is too beautiful. On the way to this place, you get a river, no idea which river is this. But the river and surrounding place was good. We just spent there for half an hour and left to Kavelset.

Once we reached there, we were dumbstruck. The place was too good. It was raining heavily and I just loved it. I think after long time, I drenched in rain and it was totally fun. The view is very good. There is not much to see in this place. Because of rainfall, a small stream of water runs down and become a water fall. The force of the water will be in such a way that if you stand there, the water will sprinkle in the back side. If you want to understand what I am saying, you have to see these photographs.

We spent there for around 2-3 hrs and came back to hotel. Just got fresh up and then went to K’s place. We decided not to go for dinner, as we had a heavy lunch. K’s wife was very happy to see us and we just spent there for some time. Finally set bye and came back to hotel.

Sunday morning, we left Belgaum and had a very nice drive to Mumbai. The road from and to Belgaum is too good for driving. We had awesome time while driving as well as at Belgaum. I wanted to go there once again, but I don’t think that is possible this year. Let’s hope I get the opportunity to go there next year.
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3 Responses to Travel Thursday – Belgaum

  1. Chatterbox says:

    I simply love your travelogues Kavya.Firstly for your narration wonderfully creates the atmosphere for the before journey thoughts and all that happened during the travel.Secondly the wonderful sequence of pictures you put up always give me a feel as if I actually accompanied you in the trip.That water-fall is absolutely gorgeous. I am glad you could catch up with a old friend at the same time enjoy these scenic landscapes.Love that slide show in your sidebar, it has some of the most stunning pictures I've ever seen 😀 :DCheers!!

  2. Kavya says:

    @chatterbox:- Thank you so much for the compliments.

  3. AS says:

    hii kavyanice blog it!wow! m feeling like rushing to belgaum.. i can feel the cold waterfall!

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