Danganaka… Danganaka.. I am back..

I wanted to come back to blogging from long time. But I don’t know I didn’t felt like writing anything. Lots of things were there to express, but I didn’t had words to express. So I thought I will take a break from blogging. Also, I was thinking to shift to wordpress from blogger, but was not getting time. Now, since I had take a break from blogging just shifted to wordpress, though I am kid in wordpress. There are so many technicalities, which I am not able to understand. I think it will take some time for me to get used to it.

Finally I decided to come back to blogging and I thought there is no auspicious time better than Navrathri, right!!! (I know it sounds too spiritual thing, but bolne me kya jaata hai na :)). So Here I am back with my blabbering. Hopefully, I will be regular this time. Hope everything is fine with you all.

 Wish you and your family a Very Happy Dussera!!

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4 Responses to Danganaka… Danganaka.. I am back..

  1. Priya says:

    Hi Kavya,

    Welcome Back. we were waiting for you to come back..happy dussera to you too…Hope you enjoyed whole ten days..


  2. Swaram says:

    So nice to hv u bk. I ws wondering y u were nt writing even after coming back. Glad to know u r and on WP @ that! yay!

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