The weekend just went off just like that.. I just dont understand how the weekend goes off faster. Now boring Monday is here. I am full of Monday blues now.. 

Weekend was good. We bought a new pooja mantap for our new house, as the old one was of wooden and lots of cockroaches had made their house in that. We were fed up of this. Finally we bought a metal pooja mantap with doors in that. Its awesome. We did pooja yesterday in that and we felt nice.

Yeah, we did ayudha pooja on saturday, by doing aarthi to our Car, bike, tv, fridge, almirah, etc etc :). I always like festival, because it brings so much positive vibes in us. More than that, my in laws are ther with us and it added more fun to it.

Since, still painting work is going on outside, we had put on hold connecting Tata sky connection and hence there is no TV and also since MIL is here, not much of work will be there in the evening for me. So there is lots of time in the evening and I managed to read two books last week, one is I too had love story and love, life and other jazz.

I am not good in book reviews and just can say that both books were good in different terms. First I read I too had love story and felt very bad about Kushi, who die in the car accident, just 3 days before her engagement with Ravin. I felt very bad more because it is a true story.

Since, I was feeling bad, I thought of taking up some light book, I took this book Love, life and Jazz and I can say it is good. Its about the story of four friends, Sameer, Tania, Tanveer and Vicky and how their life takes turns and twists. It can be read one time.

Overall, I had good weekend. What about yours?

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4 Responses to Weekend!!

  1. piyu says:

    I missed out on ayudh pooja this Dushera :(. Was too busy with naming ceremonies of my neice and nephew 🙂 :). My weekend was totally fun with lots of food, photography and festivities all around!

    Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

  2. Kavya says:

    Oh thats nice.. Gud to hear that you had a nice weekend 🙂

  3. Titaxy says:

    oh new pooja mantap sounds nice 🙂

    I know what you mean on why weekends pass so soon. I had so much fn over the weekend seeing autumn colors and just driving around aimlessly…didn’t want it to end at all 🙂

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