One more weekend came and went off just like that. This weekend I didn’t had any productive work and it was boring.

My in-laws left to Bangalore on Saturday morning. They were with us for four months and they left now. We were so used of them around us that we felt emptiness in the house. Everytime, they leave from here, I will have tears in my eyes. I was feeling very sad and was just silent. I think my MIL understood and came to me, hugged and kissed on my forehead and told me that don’t worry, we will be back soon, we will also miss you very much. Take care of your health. Dont do any diet. You will become weak. Take care of PK and she left with a tear in her eyes. This thing I like her most because she just read my mind correctly every time. Anyway, we are waiting for them to come back. 

Above that, PK had some training in the office, so he left to office in the Saturday morning and was back home on sunday morning. I was just left alone at home and I was just getting mad with nothing to do.

Since, I could not sit at home, I went nearby to my office and found out that there is a library next to my office. I was happy to know that and immediately went to check it out. The membership was cheap and immediately I enrolled there. I am just so excited about it. Now I can read the books, without even worrying about the cost of the book and space to keep the new book. I am just loving it. I bought “Palace of Illusions” and now busy in reading that.

Overall, it was a boring week, but the library made it something interesting. What about you? How was your weekend?

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