Happy Birthday Dad !!

Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday. He gets so excited like a kid on his birthday.

One week prior itself, he keeps on mentioning to everyone that his birthday is on 9th Nov 🙂 This makes everyone to remember his birthday. On the D Day, he will wait for the calls. He does not have patience. Since, he wish everyone on their birthday at 6 in the morning, he expects others to wish him early morning :). He starts getting calls from around 7.30 and his face glows whenever he gets a call and hear the wishes. He will be so happy. Seriously I love the kid in my Dad :).

He is very innocent too. If people make fun of him, he just does not come to know about that. If he comes to know also, he does not mind. But sometimes, I feel very bad, when people make fun of him. I tried to argue with the person for the same. But my dad stops me and tells me that they are happy making fun of me, then why should you disturb their happiness. That’s my Dad. There are so many funny incidents which have happened with him.

One incident I can remember here is this.

When my cousin along with my dad had come here, we were just sitting and having a chat. This was the conversation:-

Dad: What do you do in the office?

Cousin (winking at me): You don’t know, she do the grinding. That too in the manual stone, which you might have seen in the village.

Dad (shocked): What? Is it True putta?

Me: Yes Dad. Whole day, I will be grinding something or the other and I just get tired like anything.

Dad felt very sad and immediately took my hand, tries to see whether there is any marks or blood clots on my hand and told me: Pl don’t do so much of work. I can’t see you working so hard. Your hand must be paining whole day right. That is the reason you are losing weight.

It was very emotional conversation, but at the same time, we just laughed like anything. He just believed what we said :). He is only person in this world, who always tells me whenever we meet that I am losing weight as against the whole world, who says that I am just putting on weight like anything and one day they need to change their door for me to enter :D.

He still treats me as a kid. Whenever we try to cross the road, he still holds my hand in crossing the road. The expression on his face when we meet is priceless. His face will glow and immediately  give me a tight hug. Every time, when we depart, there will be tears in both of our eyes. I just miss him like anything :(.

I can go on and on and on.. But I have already said much about him. Still I feel that there are many things to express, but at this moment, I am not getting any words to express. He is the best Dad.

Happy Birthday Dad!! May you have whole load of happiness. Love you :).

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8 Responses to Happy Birthday Dad !!

  1. Swaram says:

    Aww he is so so sweet 🙂 I luvv it when my Dad addresses me as Putta too 🙂
    God bless him and wishing him the bestestest bday ever 🙂 🙂

  2. Titaxy says:

    aww sweeet….happy happy birthday to him…wish him all the happiness..

  3. Precious this one! 🙂
    Happy birthday to your dad!

  4. Swaram says:

    Saw that u asked for smileys on CB’s blog 🙂 U get them here 🙂


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