Weight loss !!

I think most of us must have gone through the phase of weight loss headache.

I had tried various technique of weight loss in the past but nothing worked out for me. After marriage, I had put on around 12 kg which I wanted to shed down. I tried to do diet. I stopped eating sweets, fried food, rice, junk foods and stopped going out for dinner. But nothing worked out. The main problem with me was I was not getting time for exercise. More than that, as I had put on lots of weight, it had made me lethargic for getting up or doing any work. I had written about this earlier. So getting up in the morning was totally difficult for me.

Secondly all my favourite dresses were becoming tight and I was not able to wear it. Everyone used to tell me that I have put on too much weight especially when I visited Bangalore. I was getting frustrated day by day. Whenever, I go to the mall for shopping for my dresses, the look at the shopkeeper was killing me. When I like the dress and when I check up with the shopkeeper how much it cost, he used to look at me and say that you will not fit into that dress. I used to feel so bad. Before marriage, I used to take Medium size dresses, but now I have to buy XL size.

I know, I am exaggerating too much, but I feel very bad. Since, my mom had diabetes and heart problem and since it is hereditary, I need to maintain my health properly.

What all the things I did, oh my god, when I think I look like a foolish. I used to search in the google for various ways of losing weight. We joined GYM and I went promptly for around two months. I reduced a bit and felt good. But my job became hectic and did not have time to go to gym, so I stopped going gym and money got wasted. Once i stopped, atleast I should have done some dieting, but I just ate like donkey. Then I searched in some site and in one such site it was mentioned that cinnamon powder and honey needs to be mixed in water and then in first in the morning need to have. I even did that for around 15 days which just resulted in constipation as cinnamon is very heat. I stopped that. Then I started having honey and lemon juice in luke warm water in first in the morning until lemon got over at home. That technique also got ended. Then I tried GM diet of 7 days, wherein first day it is only fruits, second day it is only vegetables and so on. I could try only two days as I started having problem with my stomach and acidity went up. So I stopped it immediately.

Then I stopped having rice and started having only chapati. But being a Bangalorean and without rice, I was feeling very bad. So I stopped that. Then came protein Shake, which has to be replaced by breakfast and dinner. I had it for around 15 days lost two kgs quickly. But at the same time, my in-laws came here and I was forced to stop that. However, its good that I stopped that otherwise I don’t know what all the complications it could have brought.

Finally, I got frustrated and started having too much food. May be because of depression or something, I wanted to have something or other all time, which just resulted in putting on some more weight. Luckily, one day when I was just talking to my neighbour, she told me that she is on diet with the help of dietician. She told me everything about it and the charges the dietician charges. I felt very happy and in the meanwhile PK had also put on lots of weight. So he was also interested in this and we both had a total body check up which is mandatory as he will design a diet according to our medical reports.

I just can’t say in words, how much i am happy now. I just feel so energetic. I just get up on time in morning and prepare the breakfast and lunch. I don’t feel like I am dieting as I will be munching some or the other every half an hour. Till now, I have reduced around 7 kgs and PK has reduced around 15kgs. I feel healthy and my face is glowing as against other diet programs wherein your face will be dull and saggy.

The diet program is simple. You should keep eating something every half an hour. Also, whole whatever you have, should be weighed except biscuits and Egg. I bought a kitchen scale and I weigh everything, vegetables, fruits, pulses, etc. They give you specific amount of vegetables, rice, wheat which you are supposed to have every day. You should not exceed that quantity. I do exercise twice or thrice in a week. Till now, its working out properly. I need to reduce another 8 kgs to come back in shape. I will update this page, may be once in a month to get some motivation.

Initial weight: 70 kgs

Present Weight: 63 kgs

Weight to lose: minimum 8 kgs

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6 Responses to Weight loss !!

  1. Titaxy says:

    wow. best wishes to lose the rest that you want too.

    this post reminds me that i need to get back to the gym. putting on a lot og weight tehse days 😦

  2. piyu says:

    Wow, you managed to lose so much wight? I need to visit your dietician now 🙂 :). I have tried a lot of stuff too.. but it never seems to work out :(, even go to the gym regularly (since last month)

    • Kavya says:

      Yeah you are true Piyu.. Gym also does not work out for me, as we need to be regular in Gym. Once we leave it, we tend to put on weight very fast.

  3. Swaram says:

    Woww! Thatz so nice Kavya 🙂 Gr8 gng and gud luck 🙂

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