Travel Thursday – Hogenakal Falls !!

Its long time, I have not written anything in the Travel Thursday series.

I was thinking to write something in this series, but was not able to get any ideas. So I went through my photo folders and suddenly I got hold of these photos, which is Hogenkal Falls.

I visited this place in 2005 along with my colleagues, with whom I had lots of fond memories. This trip was totally fun. Even today, whenever I see the photographs, automatically smile covers my face. We just enjoyed that place like anything. More than that, I am very fond of water. I just love to play in water. So this was ideal place for me to enjoy the trip.

Hogenkal Falls, is around 180 kms from Bangalore. It is situated in Dharmapuri District of Tamilnadu. I don’t remember any details about this place, as there was no guide to explain about this .You can find more details about this place here.

We left at around 7AM in the morning in a mini bus. We were totally around 12, we two girls and 10 boys. Once we left Bangalore, we just started playing antakshari in the bus and had total fun. One of my colleague was very good at mimicry. He danced for Kajrare song and it was totally ROFL. We just could not stop laughing :D. He was imitating Aishwarya and it was totally fun. Even today, when I see the video, I could not stop laughing :).

Then at around 9, we stopped at Saravana Bhavan hotel for breakfast. The breakfast was too good. Then around 10.30, we reached the place and we were totally mesmerized with the beauty of this place. It was just Awesome. Then we just played in water whole day. We even went for boating in Coracle. It was good. We didnt felt like coming back. I think we left that place around 4 in the evening. Apart from this I dont remember any particular incident in this trip. Overall, we had a very good trip.

Now, let the picture speak about this wonderful place 🙂

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8 Responses to Travel Thursday – Hogenakal Falls !!

  1. Swaram says:

    Saravana Bhavan makes me drool even after a heavy lunch 😉
    LOL @ the kajrare dance. Real fun 🙂
    I lovvve coracle rides 🙂
    Lovely pics Kavya and glad u got bk to the Travel Thursday series 🙂

  2. Titaxy says:

    lovely lovely pics

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