New Year Resolution!!

I have never taken any resolution in any New Year, as I know that I will never achieve that. But this time, for a change, I have decided to make some resolution.

Here are my 2011 resolutions:-

  1. First and foremost resolution is weight loss. Last year, I was very successful in loosing that weight. I want to shed another 6-7 kg, which will be ideal weight for my height. Hopefully I will be successful.
  2. Need to be regular in blogging.
  3. I want to write something about social issues, but have never been successful. My blog is full of my life. Somewhere, I don’t know I always feel that I don’t do justice to the social issues like child labour, dowry problem, etc., with my post. I have read so many posts on this from many bloggers and they have done 100% justice to the cause. I have decided to write atleast a single post on this issue.
  4. I want to wear saree as many occasion as possible this year. Also, planning to wear saree to the office. All my wedding sarees and sarees which I have got as a gift are just lying in the cupboard and whenever I see that I feel sad. I think I can count the number of times I wore after marriage.
  5. I need to socialize with people. There is always complaint that I never socialize with anyone. I think I need to overcome that. I take more time to make friends. I think that makes another post.
  6. I want to learn some type of hobbies. I tried dance and guitar last year, in which dance was a flop show. So this year, planning for swimming class.
  7. The main resolution for this year will be charity. I have never been involved in any charity work and am ashamed of this. There are people who does overloaded with work, but still take out their time for charity work in the weekends. So I have decided to do something.
  8. Read lots and lots of books. I have got whole list of books to be read, but I could read only some of them.
  9. Spend lots of time with family and friends, which I could not make it last year.
  10. Take atleast one or two vacations and visit the places, where I have never been, this year as we didn’t took any long vacation last year.

Lets see how much I will be able to achieve. Wish me Luck!!

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2 Responses to New Year Resolution!!

  1. Swaram says:

    Wishing u all the gud luck Kavya. Do whatever u like and enjoy 🙂 God bless!

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