This incident happened around 5 months back and whenever I remember it, my blood boils

PK had gone to Trident hotel for client meeting in his car. He had an office driver with him. He had two wallets, one is for his regular cards which he use frequently and other is all the loyalty cards. He usually keeps the wallet which has got regular cards with him and other wallet will be lying in the car. Unfortunately, that day he had kept one Citibank credit Card also. When he got down from the car in the hotel, he left one wallet which had Citibank credit card and went for the meeting.

When he came back he totally forgot about that and came back home. Next day was Saturday. Morning we got up and had gone out for some work. Around 11AM PK got a call from someone and he said that he has got a wallet which has got many debit cards in that and asked us to come and collect it from him. He spoke very fluent English and we were sure that he was a very genuine person and in a hurry we left. PK could not recall what all the things were there in the wallet and we thought may be by mistake he might have left the cards in that wallet. He called us to a mall in Goregaon within 45 mins, as he has to go home. We left all the work from where we’re and left to the destination.

Unfortunately, there was too much of traffic that day and we could not make in 45 mins. He had already called us twice asking to come over fast as he is in hurry. Finally PK told me to tell him that let him go to his residence, and let him give his residence address and we will go to his home and collect the same, which I also felt was a right thing. We didnt liked that person to wait for unnecessarily as we were struck in traffic and it would take atleast another 45 mins to reach that place. So I called up and told him to give his residence address, to which he told that no, its ok, I will wait for you, you come over here. That time, we both felt something fishy. Till that time, he was in a hurry to go back and now when I asked him the address, he was not ready to give the address and he has got all the time to wait for us. So we thought let’s go and check it out and told him that we will be there in half an hour.

Finally we reached the mall and went to the food court where he told us to come. When he spoke to us in fluent English and so decently he spoke to us, we thought he must be a well-educated decent person. But when we went there, we were seriously surprised to see the person who was in shabby clothes, with torn chappals. He had around 2-3 people with him, who just looked like a goondas. I was totally scared to see them. My heart beat had started beating faster.

We then went to him and he introduced himself and other people and we just sat there. He then handed over the wallet to us and told us to check everything. Everything was in order and we felt better.

He told us the person who was sitting in his right, had got this wallet in Bandra on friday. He checked the wallet and on saturday, he tried to swipe the card and it showed that there is a credit limit of 3.5L. We were shocked, because, we don’t have any credit card which has got so much credit limit. We knew that these people are just upto something.

PK told clearly that we don’t have any credit card which has so much limit, so please don’t tell lies. He told that no, it is true, but he could not swipe as it showed error later on. We thanked God for that.

Then he started telling that he know many South Indian Directors, who are his very close friends. Can you believe, he even told that Mani Ratnam is his friend. He even told that Mani Ratnam has asked him to come over to Chennai, to see some promos of his new movie. Yes, he went to that height. We had enough and we told him thanks for this and we tried to leave that place

But he stopped us and told that our boys have done so nice job, so i think you should do something for them. There you go.. We don’t want to create any scene there. So PK told that he does not have money, so send one person, will draw the cash and give it to him. I think that was a wise decision.

We took him down and gave him 100rs. He started shouting saying that I have left my job and have come here. I have lost my one day salary. 100rs. is nothing. You should pay me atleast 2K. WTF..We just told him that we don’t have money and we can pay only this much. PK even told him that if you would have not swiped the card and returned it just like that, I think we would have considered to give you something. But you did a wrong thing. Just do whatever you want, we can’t pay anything and we just left that place immediately. Then I called the Bank and cancelled the card. After that, we have not got any call from them.

Seriously people do so many things for money and innocent people just fall prey to that. Luckily, we didn’t lost money. I was surprised about that person. I think he is educated, but why is he doing this kind of job.

So Pl beware with these type of people

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8 Responses to Fraud!!

  1. Swaram says:

    Thank God it ended at that! Glad u got it bk!

  2. Titaxy says:


    but so glad that you got it back

  3. Bikram says:

    wow WHAT A cheek.. I would be careful and rng the credit card companies to inform them and see if anything suspicious has happened ..

    YOU SHUD also get ur cards CHANGED.. they might have CLONED the cards… SO please check it out … cause if they have cloned it then u will get a bill much later …

    it takes jsut a phone call to get replacement cards now .. and thank god the idiots did not do anything stupid .. when you saw them why did you go .. 4 -5 of them together be aware people do anything these days caue of money ..

    • Kavya says:

      Yeah.. we cancelled the card immediately..

      Since, our wallet was with them, we were forced to go to them. since, it was a food court, lot many people were there around.. So it was safe as they will be not able to do anything..:)

      Welcome to my blog 🙂

  4. Trish says:

    OMG!This is scary..and I am so glad,it all ended up fine.

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