History Repeats !!

Scene 1:-

Me: how are you Athe?

Aunt: Fine..  how abt you and how is PK?

Me: Yeah.. we are fine. So Whats happening?

Aunt: Nothing, Just watching tv. You know what, this world is going to end in December, 2012. They are showing in TV.

Me: Oh is it!! So sad (could not control laugh)

Aunt: Yeah. But you know, the cities which are nearby to Sea, is going to be more affected and the whole cities are going to immerse in water.

Me: Oh god!!

Aunt: Bangalore is going to be bit safe because it is not surrounded by any sea. But still whole world is going to end. So can’t say about Bangalore.  So you people do one thing, you pack things how much every possible and leave that city in first of week of December’12 and come down here. So we all will be together and if something happens, we all can die together, what say?

Me: Athe, these tv channels shows bullshit.. You just don’t believe all these things. They just want their TRP to rise.. that’s it.. Dont believe all these people. Nothing is going to happen. Have we not heard these type of news earlier also, but nothing happened right? So dont worry.

Aunt: No K, it’s going to be true. 100% true. So you just don’t ignore this and come down. Please atleast for my sake come down. I can’t see you people there (and she becomes emotional)

Me: Ok ok, fine. We will come. Now don’t cry. Ok. Bye and take care

Aunt: Ok bye


Scene 2

Me: how are you Athe?

Aunt: Fine..  how abt you and how is PK?

Me: Yeah.. we are fine. So Whats up?

Aunt: Nothing.. You have to tell me.

Me: Nothing Athe.. Just life is going on and we both are enjoying the life nicely.

Aunt: Dont you feel like having one more member in your family.

Me: Yeah I feel. That’s why we are planning to get a puppy to our house 🙂

Aunt (irritated): Oh god! Dont you think that you people are having too much fun and don’t you feel like having a kid. It’s now nearly 4 years you got married. It’s long time that you get a kid. I don’t know how much time I am going to live, so before I go I want to see your kid and I want to do all the formalities for you. Ok. So better you both plan and give me the good news soon.

Me: But Athe, I was thinking, anyway, this world is going to end by December, 2012 🙂 So, why should we struggle so much for the kid, morning sickness, then labour pain, then kid comes, diaper change, sleepless nights and so on and then the whole world ends. Its better we both enjoy another two years totally and we will die. That’s cool right 🙂

Aunt: Oh those news are just bull shit. These tv channels just say something. Those things are not true. Earlier also so many things they had told, but nothing came true. So this one also going to be flop. So you damn just don’t give me excuse for not having kids ok. Better you give me the good news. Ok

Me (controlling my laughter): Ok Athe.. Anyway, you are always right!! 🙂

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15 Responses to History Repeats !!

  1. Swaram says:

    Ha ha ha! Awesome 😀

  2. Tanishka says:

    Lol at athe… And a very apt title… 🙂

  3. Smitha says:

    LOL! It is the same story everywhere 🙂

  4. Hehe 🙂
    Athe is always right 😀

  5. ha ha.. lolz @ the conversation.. 😀
    your conversations are simply the best.. 🙂

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