2010 – Review

2010 had mix feelings. Let me review what all happened in 2010

My sister got married last Feb and we had a blast in her marriage. We just had loads of fun with my cousins. Each and every ritual was fun and I just enjoyed fully. After long time, I spent so much time with my cousins and sister. It was really awesome. We both enjoyed this trip. I could see the happiness in everyone’s face when we landed there. I seriously cherish those moments. I had a very simple marriage, as I am not so comfortable in the grand marriage by spending so much money. So I and PK had decided that we will be having a really very simple marriage and we convinced everyone about this. So most of our distant relatives had not seen PK and hence this marriage was a merely introduction session for PK. The whole function went on in introducing PK to everyone. However, he enjoyed this session and everyone was happy about us. I think that is the ultimate thing.

We bought a new car in March’10. PK wanted a big car from long time and hence we bought this car. But I just miss our first car Santro. We had such a lovely and fond memories with that car. We have just roamed everywhere in that car and such a sweetheart it is that, it has not given a trouble to us a single time. The car is being used by IL’s, so that is the relief, atleast it is being used by our family member.

Next big thing in our life. We bought a flat in Mumbai. That is the big achievement for us, as we were dreaming of owning a house from long time, though the budget was far more than what we had anticipated. But ultimate is we have got our own house. That feeling itself is different.

In June’10 we did simple house-warming ceremony with my dad and in-laws and with friends and colleagues.  

In July’10, our new car got into an accident. It was a silly accident. I don’t know what happened to PK, he just took out the car from the parking lot and was just proceeding to office, instead of pressing brake, he pressed accelerator and he just banged the wall of the playing ground, which is situated in our complex. The repercussion was horrible. The number plate just shattered everywhere and the radiator got damaged. The whole system in the front got a toss. Then the steering damaged. The whole cost of repair was around Rs.1.5Lakhs.  The damage was too much. I just can’t say how much we were tensed about that. But I am happy that PK was out of danger and nothing happened to him. I just thank God for that. We got back the car after around 2 and half months. But financially, it was very difficult month. Since we had invested everything on the house, single rupee also matter to us now and suddenly this expense was too much to bear. The insurance covered only 50% and that left us to pay 75K. But somehow we managed to do that.

We were suppose to get the possession of our new house in July, but it got delayed, which means that we needed to pay rent along with the EMI, which was too difficult. We had even told our land lord that we will be leaving the house in July. Luckily, the land lord is a good person and he was happy about our progress and just told us that whenever you want to leave, you can. If you just intimate me 15 days prior is also enough for me. We were relieved.

Finally, we got the possession in October. Actually, the builder was not ready, but we forcefully took the possession. On 2nd October, we shifted to our own house. The joy was priceless. It is a different feeling. Initial days there were lots of problem, but now everything has sorted out. First two months, we were only people living in 120 flats, which was a bit scary. But we managed. Still not many people have occupied. I think, people may occupy in summer holidays.

On learning front, I enrolled for Belly dancing and guitar class. Belly dancing was a flop show. The instructor was good, but somehow I didn’t like it. I have just completed level 1 and I am not at all interested to go to Level 2. Also, I have realized that dancing is not for me. But guitar class is going on really well and I just love it. Its fun and de-stressing. I think after two classes, I will be starting tuning for songs. Now its just learning to strike the correct string for the notes. Overall, it’s a good learning

Regarding weight loss, I am happy. I lost around 7 kg last year, which is a great achievement for a girl like me, who is so lazy to do anything. Its wonderful

Regarding Blogging, I completed 100th post in June’10, which is a great achievement. I never thought that I will be continuing blogging for such a long time, with so many posts. I had started a blog before this and had posted two posts. After that, I just deleted it. So I was sure that the fate of this blog will be the same. But I was wrong. The blogging has been a great experience and whenever I am feeling low, happy, sad, excited, angry, I know now, where to share my feelings. When I took a break from blogging last year for around 3 months, many times, I felt like deleting this blog and even I login to do so. But I could not do it. This is my place and I can’t do that. So I came back in full form. Also, I think I would have not continued blogging without the sweet comments you all leave here. I think I got inspiration to continue only after I got the comments. Thank you so much for your support. Though I am not yet good at communicating with other bloggers, I think this year I will correct this and hopefully, will be successful in that.

I think I have mentioned all the major happenings in 2010. Overall, I can say that it was a good year and I pray to the God that this year also should be good with lots of happiness.

Next Post: New Year resolution
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Wordless Wednesday!!

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Happy New Year!!

I know I am late in wishing. But better late than never 🙂 So Here I am Wishing You and your Family a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Hope you had a blast.

As I am concerned, I had a kind of blast. I had taken off for around 10 days starting from Dec 25th. There was no special plans as such. Wanted to stay at home and do relax. But fortunately, PK also took off for whole week. I just could not believe my own eyes. Such a workaholic took off from office, just like that. So I was happy.

We did lots of things, along with some fights, arguments, throwing things on each other 🙂 When you don’t have any work to do and you are just sitting idle, the best job you can do is throw things on each other. That was full time pass. Yeah, the repercussion was horrible as we spent whole two days to arrange the things which we had thrown 🙂

We went for a tamil movie Manmathan Anbu, which featured Kamalhassan, Madavan and Trisha. The movie was good and we enjoyed thoroughly. One day we went for a body massage, which was totally relaxing. Other day went in parlour with pampering myself with all type of treatment. Balance days were spent at home.

As far the new year celebration concerned, we went to a pub with friends and we had a good time. This was the first time, I had visited the Pub and it was fun.

Overall, it was good start to the new year and I am hoping that new year will bring lots of happiness. I wish you once again a Happy New year and may god shower you with all the happiness 🙂

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Wordless Wednesday!!

Merry Christmas to everyone 😛

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Wordless Wednesday!!

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Convo with hubby dear :)

I had this conversation couple of days back with PK and whenever I remember this, I just could not control stop laughing.

Me: I think I am getting Dementia 😦

PK: What? Why do you think that?

Me: You know, I am starting forgetting so many things.

PK: Like?

Me: When I am in Autorickshaw, on the way to our house, I forget to tell him to take a turn for our house. Only when we are nearing that, I suddenly remember and tell him. There are so many instances like this.

PK: So you mean to say that after sometime, you will forget everything surrounding you

Me: Yes 😦

PK: That means you will forget me and my things and everything about us.

Me: Yes (I feel sad that he is so much worried about that I will forget him :(. So nice of him)

PK: Wow.. that’s great news.. Yuppy..

Me: WTF.. Are you happy about this? You want me to forget you and everything about us 😦

PK: Yes

Me: But Why (How can he change like this? How much he was in madly in love with me and how much he missed when I was not there with him? How much he cared about me? Oh god, why this world has changed like this.. I can’t take this 😥 )

PK: See, you forget everything about us. That means we become strangers to each other, right

Me: Yes, but You know me.. Only you will be a stranger to me, but I will be no stranger to you

PK: Yeah, but you don’t know that I know you. So we become stranger once again.

Me: So? (What is this man upto? Oh god, pl why me? 🙄 )

PK: That means, we strangers can meet once again, date each other and get married once again. You know how much fun we used to have when we were dating and also the initial marriage days.. Wow, that was awesome. Now we both are busy with our own world, that we don’t get such time. So just imagine how much fun it will be when we date once again and marry.. Isn’t awesome? 😆 

I was just speechless and just hugged him 😛

Yes, this is the reason, why I am just madly in love with him 😀

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Wordless Wednesday!!

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Ye Mumbai hai meri Jaan!!

Warning: Long post Ahead !!

From long time I wanted to write about this city Mumbai. But could not get much time to write about this. Finally I am writing about this city.

Since, mine was love cum arranged marriage; I was mentally preparing to leave Bangalore from long time. But whatever the preparation, I could not control my tears, when I left Bangalore. Bangalore is the place, where I was born and brought up. I have got all my friends and relatives staying in Bangalore. It was very hard for me to leave that place :(. At the same time, I was bit scared about Mumbai life also. But PK assured me that I will like Mumbai in sometime. But I didn’t believe in that.

Initially, it was very difficult to adjust to the place. Since, I was in look out for a job and was at home for around two months, I used to get mad. I didn’t have anyone here. PK used to leave to office in the morning and back only in the night. Whole day, I used to stay alone. I used to miss my city like anything.

Then luckily I got a job in CST and was very happy about it. Finally I will be busy. I just can’t forget my first day at the office. I was supposed to go in the train on the first day, as PK was busy with some client meeting. I didn’t have any idea about local train, how they operate, nothing. So PK asked one of his friend SP to drop me by train, as his office was next to my new office. So he got me a ticket and told me to stand in ladies couch. He told that as soon as the train comes, just squeeze and enter the train. He told me to get down in CST, but he didn’t tell me that CST is the last stop. I was totally scared. I was thinking, what if I get into the train and SP is not able to get into the train. How will I know where do I need to get down and other things came to my mind? I never in my wild dream thought that how much rush the train will be.

The announcement started that the train is arriving. I was just getting ready to get into the train. I just remember that the train stopped. But just a blink of my eyes, I was just inside the train. The mad rush at the station just took me inside the train. I was just dumbstruck. I was totally shaken up. I never knew that the train will be so rush and more than that, I never knew that train stops for just some seconds, that’s it. My heart was beating faster. I just took some deep breaths and try to look around what had happened just now.

Inside the train also, it was so much rush was there. Someone hand was on someone’s shoulder, someone’s hair was on someone’s face. I was just worried that I may miss my stop. I think I might have asked around 10 times to women, when will CST stop come. Thankfully that woman had patience and she answered me very smilingly. I think she came to know that I am new to Mumbai.

I don’t know, after that incident, I learned the technique to get into the train. I just loved the train journey. It gave me to meet so many types of people in the train. I became expert in getting into the train. How much ever the rush is, I easily got into the train. But from past two years, I am not using the train, as the office is nearby and there is no train station to my office. I am just missing my train journey like anything. So to compensate that, I travel to Thane once in a month or three months in train :). But still I miss that rush :(. But whoever visits Mumbai, must experience the local train journey.

Secondly I like the way people are. They just do not interfere in other’s life. They are not bothered, what you wear, what you do, with whom you roam, nothing. Everyone just mind their business, which I just like it. No one is just bothered about anyone. So I need not worry about what I wear or what I do. I just like this thing.

The most important I like is the variety of food. Vada Pav, Pav Bhaaji, yummy chats, wow.. just delicious. I think I have tasted most of the maharashtrian food, like sol kadi, kokum juice, missal pav, sabudana kichdi, sabudana vada, Bhakri, Varan Bath, Thalipeeth, kothimbir Vadi, kanda bhaji (onion pakoda), modak, etc. Maharashtrian make awesome Poha (we call it avalakki upma or puff rice upma). The taste is totally different. You don’t get such delicious Poha anywhere. I have tried to make it at home, but that tastes just do not come at all. They make the poha fast also. Whenever, I visit friend’s place, without intimation, within 10 mins, they prepare poha and give it to me. Sometimes, I deliberately go to their house without intimation, so that I get to eat Poha. Just awesome!  About chats, I just can go on and on and on. It is just too good. The road side pani puri is just delicious. Also there are some shops which are famous for chats. Prashant corner in Thane and also we get awesome chats and food in Juhu chowpatty. All the food at Juhu is just awesome. Just Value for money. I just can go on and on and on about the food.

Next are lots of places to visit. My favourite spot is marine drive. Just awesome place!! We have to go in the evening to enjoy that place. I usually visit that place in rainy season. It will be totally worth of going there. I just drench in the rain and then have hot bhuttas and then hot cup of tea. After that, just sit along the sea-shore with PK and look into each other’s eyes

and just get lost in thoughts. Awwwww, just total bliss :D.

Other places are Gateway of India, ISKON Temple, linking road, fashion street, CST, churchgate, mahalaxmi temple, siddi vinayak temple, juhu beach, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Nehru Science Center, Elephanta Caves. I think whoever comes to Mumbai, they should visit all these places.

Next attraction is the Malls. You get a Mall in every road. There are N numbers of malls in this city. You get variety of products also. There is Fashion Street and linking road where we get variety of clothes, bags, sandals at a very cheap rate. I think most of the tourists do shopping at this area. I also been there many times and I have got variety of clothes at damn cheap rate.

It has got his flaws also, like there are N number of problems with Rickshaws, no one just follow the traffic rules, too much of traffic jam always, but I think these things are there in other cities also. So we can just forget all these flaws.

The most important thing about this place is spirit of Mumbai people. Whatever happens, people do not get disturbed. They just take everything in spirit. The live example is the attack on Taj hotel by terrorists in 2008. I think first two days, the city was disturbed, but after that the city was normal and looked like nothing happened at all. I even came to office next day. But sometimes, this is a disadvantage also, as some people take this spirit for wrong reason. Whatever, it is, I just like the spirit of Mumbai. Also, people here welcome outsiders whole heartedly and make them comfortable here. Whoever, comes here, no one will go bare hand. They get benefitted for good. I have heard a saying that Goddess Mahalaxmi who resides in this city does not send any people in bare hand.

Now, I think I can say that I have become a part of this city. I just can’t imagine leaving this place at any cost. I don’t think we will be leaving this place anytime. I just love this place like anything. I just can’t hear anyone talking ill about this city. I don’t mind to fight with that person, whoever it is, I just can’t tolerate to hear anything wrong about this city. I think after I came to this city, I have become bold and handle any situation bravely. I don’t fear of anything. I can travel in the night without any fear.

I can just go on and on and on about this city.

To really experience what I have said, you have to stay at Mumbai. Then you can understand what exactly the feeling is. Finally, I can proudly say that I belong to this place.

PS: I don’t have any photographs right now as my laptop has gone for service. Once I get back, will post some photographs. The above photographs are the courtesy of Google.
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Wordless Wednesday !!

I know, there is nothing wordless in this photo. But this photo has got special place in my heart.

When I got married and shifted to Mumbai, there was nothing at home. Since PK shared the house with his bachelor friend, there was just a cot and bed. There was no utensils, nothing.

So I bought required utensils as soon as I came and I bought this pooja mantap along with photos of god, diya, and other things required for pooja.

We arranged everything for pooja and did Aarthi. This photo is of the first time I did the pooja after entering the house. So whenever, I see this photo, I feel emotional as well as very happy about this. It indeed makes me wordless 🙂

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Wordless Wednesday !!

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