Life is Unfair !!

Life is so unfair and unpredictable. Everything seems normal one time and next moment, the whole life is disturbed.

The one time love of my life is someone’s else love now.

I am all alone now and there is no one there. Why is it so? where did I went wrong? Why am I having this type of life? As far as I remember, I never thought wrong or did anything wrong to anyone. So now why am I punished?

There is no answer to any of my questions and I think there is no solution for my problems.

Just I have to live with it and have to go with the flow alone.

I will do it as far as I can and I have to do it for someone’s happiness.

In all these problems, one thing I realized is there is no god and I have lost faith in him. I have stopped praying.

I think I will succeed in getting out of all my problems, especially the emotional baggage.

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