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As I told you before, I thought of sharing some of college incidents, which I always cherish in my life. SSS – great students of RVTI !! Whenever I think about these three girls, I wonder, how they could pass … Continue reading

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This morning I was just preparing my breakfast and all of a sudden I remembered my school days (till 7th Standard). I think this is the first time after around 15 years; I am missing my school very much. I … Continue reading

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My College Days – RVTI

The word college itself feels so much happiness in one’s life. I think each and every person in this world would have got a very fond memory of their college days. Each and every thing we do in the college … Continue reading

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My Cutest Husband – Part 2

He had a quarrel at home (once again because of me) and came out of the house and was staying in a PG. Then he decided that he should shift from bangalore otherwise, career-wise, he will not grow. So he … Continue reading

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My Cutest Husband – Part 1

Now I am set for blogging, I thought of putting my first post. My first post should be special for me. There will be nothing special post than my Husband in this world. So thought of writing my first post … Continue reading

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I used to read other blogs all these days and always was thinking to start my own blog. But I was feeling very uncomfortable as most of the bloggers were very fluent in English and they had put good English … Continue reading

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