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Life is Short !!

I heard two bad news at office. First one is one of my colleague had some blood clotting behind the retina of her right eye and has lost sight suddenly. She just woke in the morning and all she could … Continue reading

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Good News !!

As promised, I am going to announce the good news to you. Sadly, no one was able to guess the good news correctly and hence, lost the opportunity to get a surprise gift 🙂 The good news is we bought … Continue reading

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School Days – Fun or Pain

Whichever blog I read, every blog has atleast one post about their school life, how much fun it was, how much they enjoyed, etc. I feel sad whenever I see those posts, as I could not enjoy my school days … Continue reading

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True Story – Final Part

Continued from Part1, Part 2 and Part 3 So now Anjali was sure that Sanjay has got an affair. When she came back home, she was totally exhausted and fully shattered. Her mind was blank. Then her old house owner … Continue reading

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Jerk in the Flight !!

Overheard this conversation in the Airport last weekend. Two elderly women’s were talking to each other about their flight experience Women 1:- Is this the first time you are travelling by flight? Women 2:- No, this is the second time … Continue reading

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Back in Action !!

I know I have been absent in this blog world for some time. But there were other things which were very important and hence this delay. First thing, got hectic work at office and hence, no time for browsing. I … Continue reading

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