Life is Unfair !!

Life is so unfair and unpredictable. Everything seems normal one time and next moment, the whole life is disturbed.

The one time love of my life is someone’s else love now.

I am all alone now and there is no one there. Why is it so? where did I went wrong? Why am I having this type of life? As far as I remember, I never thought wrong or did anything wrong to anyone. So now why am I punished?

There is no answer to any of my questions and I think there is no solution for my problems.

Just I have to live with it and have to go with the flow alone.

I will do it as far as I can and I have to do it for someone’s happiness.

In all these problems, one thing I realized is there is no god and I have lost faith in him. I have stopped praying.

I think I will succeed in getting out of all my problems, especially the emotional baggage.

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Wordless Wednesday !!

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Childhood memories !!!

As I mentioned earlier, my mom was mentally challenged person and hence half of my childhood was spent in the mental hospital 😦 Even though she came out of the hospital, every month we were supposed to give her the injection on time and she took the injection till her death in 2006.

Anyway, this post is not about cribbing about all those things and feeling sad about it. This post is about some childhood memories 😛

Every month I used to accompany her to the doctor shop for injection. That doctor knew us very well and he was very kind and simple person. I just hate injections and every time when my mom was injected, I used to cry 😦 Even today, I am scared of injection. So in order to console me, doctor used to give me a chocolate, you know that lemon taste chocolate, which was like yellow colour in transparent cover. I just loved that 😛 Even today, when I see those chocolate I remember those days.

Then after leaving that place, I used to bribe my mom and every time I used to get different things, like 25 ps chocolates or games to play 😛 In one of that visit, I wanted very badly Hero pen or ink pen (I don’t remember, which pen I wanted that time :P). In school ink pen was compulsory and hence pestered her to get me a pen. So Finally she budged and I bought a pen which costed 5 rs. That time 5 rs. was too much for us. So I happily took that pen and was playing with it on the road, by removing the cap, writing on something and finally I put in some cover and came home.

Once I came home, I wanted to complete my homework and that time, we didn’t had electricity at home. So till 7th standard I studied in lamp light. So I lighted the lamp and checked the cover. To my surprise, I could not find my pen. I was totally scared and I just searched the whole house and I even went all the way till the doctor shop, but I could not get it and finally I had lost it 😦 I was crying like anything and I told my mom about this. My mom told me that I don’t know anything, your dad is gonna be angry. I am not gonna involve in this and she went for sleep. I didn’t knew what to do and I thought if i sleep before he come, he will not ask anything and I will be saved. So I slept immediately 😛 

At around 11PM, my dad came and asked my mom did she bought the pen? My mom though she was mentally challenged, I have never seen her telling lies and even till death I have not heard telling any lies to anyone. So she told him that she lost the pen. My dad was so angry, he waked me up, and just dragged me out of the house and told that you will sleep outside the house and you will enter the house only when you get the pen 😦 God, I was just crying like anything and I was asking sorry and I assured him that next time I will be careful. Pl, I am getting scared here, pl let me come in and so on. So finally my mom convinced my dad and he let me in, only after giving me a warning that I will not do this mistake once again and not lose any valuables like this. That point of time, I was very angry on my dad and mom.

But when I think about that incident now, I can understand 5 rs. had so much value for them. Even 1 rupee had too much value and they were not able to afford to lose a single paise. I think my dad would have just left it without punishing me, I would have not known the value of money. So I knew the value of the money very early in my life. I struggled a lot during my college days and my college friends very kind enough to help me out. I had written about one of my friends here.

Now why I remembered this incident, was that I got some mail which had old childhood memories and some photos in that. In all the photos, there was hero pen also 😛 So I immediately remembered this incident. Will try to post that mail in my next post 🙂

In the meanwhile, I always feel that life earlier was far easy. With such a low salary, people used to lead life happily without any problem. Now though we get 5 figure salary, still we are not able to afford the basic things. Many of us don’t kow the value of money and just spend unnecessarily. I heard a news that some couple is getting married by spending around 3 crores. God, what a waste it is? I know marriage is very important happening in one life, but is it really required to spend so much on the marriage? I don’t understand. I always believe in having a simple marriage, and we had a very simple marriage.

Anyway, it depends on the individual how he wants to live his life. I know life is short and we have to enjoy each and every day of life and not to worry much about money. But spending money on unnecessary things is not called enjoying life, right. This is my view. What do you think of this?

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Wordless Wednesday!!

The above photos was taken in one of the festival 😛

Wish you all a Very Happy Mahashivarathri 😛

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I am finally back to Mumbai.

Though my body has come to Mumbai, my mind and soul wandering around Bangalore and around with my cousins 😦 God, we had a fun time in the marriage 🙂 Every moment was fun. The long drive by bus, as the marriage was around 250 kms from Bangalore, the dumb charades, antyakshari and finally teasing the groom and pulling his leg, wow everything was fun 😛

I am so missing everything about it now 😦 Everyday, my job is just watching the photographs and revisit the moments. Anyway, I am back to Mumbai and back to office and also to blogging 🙂 Will write a detailed post about marriage, funny incidents and memorable moments at marriage 😛

There are many posts to read and comment. Will do it shortly.

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Wordless Wednesday !!

When one of our friends had come home and was resting at home, we painted on her leg like this 😛 By the time she got up, she was in total shock 😛

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Taking a Break!!

I am off to Bangalore this evening flight for my cousin’s marriage.

Hopefully, this time I don’t mess up with flight as every time I do. Last time it was worst.

When I left to Bangalore, last time, I don’t know what made me to think that my flight is at 3 in the afternoon. So I packed my things and left home by 1PM. I reached airport around 1.40. I just entered the airport and saw the screen. I was shocked to see that my flight was at 2PM. I just cursed the airport officials that they didn’t informed me about the change 😛

Then I headed to the counter and took out my e ticket and I was shocked once again. The flight was indeed at 2PM 😦 The counter was closed and I don’t know how much I requested them and told some stories and finally gained sympathy and they gave me a boarding pass. I was the last one to get into the flight and I could not forget the stare I got inside the flight 😛

Return flight was another story. I was supposed to meet my uncle who was hospitalized in a Hospital nearby to Garuda Mall. So my flight was at 7. So I met him and went to canteen with my cousin for coffee. I checked up with one person there that where do I get the bus for the airport. He told me that just stand outside the hospital. You will get N number of buses. So I thought I will leave hospital by 4.30 and it takes around one hour to reach the new airport. So I took the luggage and left on time and came outside and once again I checked up with the butta person where do I get the bus to airport. He told just stand in the signal and you get it. So I obediently went and stood there. I waited for around 15-20 mins for the airport bus, but nothing was visible. I got a doubt.

I once again went to the same person and I asked him. The customer who was there with him, he told me that you will get it in the signal itself, don’t worry, it will come. So I waited once again for another 15-20 mins. I was getting tensed as I could not see a single bus for airport. Once again I went to him and told him no bus has come for which he told that “arey so many buses came, why you dint got into those buses”. I was shocked and told him that I have not seen any airport bus. At that time, one bus came and he told him, see one more bus has come you can get into that. I saw that bus and told him that this will not go to Devanahalli airport and then I realized that these people indeed directing me to the old airport 😦

Then finally I told them that I need to go to Devanahalli, one more shocking news came that Devanahalli airport bus does not come here and I need to go somewhere and they directed me to the opposite direction. I felt like whacking them. God, I think after that I spoke to around 5-6 people and when I asked them Airport bus, they were directing me to the old Airport and I corrected and told them that I wanna go to Devanahalli airport. I was just roaming, roaming till 6 with heavy luggage, nearby to Garuda Mall. I thought I will miss my flight 😦 Then I did the wisest thing to catch an auto till mekhri circle. But hell lot of traffic jam was there. I don’t know how much I have shouted on that Auto Driver that day :P. Then finally I called up PK and told him to check any other flight. He checked up and told me that there is a flight around 9. I told him to book that flight, but check with the current flight whether they are on time or not. When checked up, I was so lucky that the flight got delayed to 9 😛 I reached on time to the airport.

I don’t know every time, I end up like this  in the airport. This time I have made sure that my flight details are all on time and I have checked up with the airport also 😛

Anyway, see you people and take care.

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Wordless Wednesday !!!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!





Pic Courtesy : google
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Sad, Sad, Sad and very sad !!

Today I am very very sad 😦

One of my colleague, with whom I have interacted many times, passed away this evening 😥 Its so shocking. He met with an accident that too hit and run case. This happened in the morning at around 6, where there will be not much of traffic. He was lying in pool of blood for sometime, as no one was there on the road and after sometime, some nice soul admitted him in the hospital and informed his family.

But unfortunately, damage was done by the time he was admitted to the hospital and he breathed his last this evening. He is around 35 years old. Whenever I meet him he was very warm and friendly. I just not able to believe that he is no more 😥 I also don’t know how his family is coping up with this tragedy. I am not able to go to see him as he is put up out of Mumbai.

I think if someone would have seen him bit early and admitted to the hospital, the scene might have been changed totally. But the scene cannot be changed. whatever was supposed to happen it has happened 😦

I don’t know what to say. Life is so uncertain 😦 We don’t know what happens when?

I just want to say, Dear B, May your soul rest in peace 😦 We miss you 😦

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