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The Year that was !!

2009 is getting over in just couple of days. It was good year for us, with some hiccups here and there. But overall it was a great year. The major events happened this year was:- We shifted to a new … Continue reading

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Miss you Vishnu !!

Today is really a very sad day. When I got up this morning, I just switched on the TV and usually scanned through some kannada channels and suddenly I saw in TV9, with so much of crowd. Initially I thought … Continue reading

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Thief !!

I should share this with you. I am very happy. Finally we caught him. Everyday somehow we used to miss him. We did so many techniques to catch him, but nothing worked out. We kept some food with poison, but … Continue reading

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Belief !!

When I was in school, we had so many mad / funny/silly beliefs, like Peacock leaf:- We had a belief that if we keep peacock leaf in the text book, it will give a small tiny peacock leaf after sometime. … Continue reading

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A to Z of Weight loss !!

I saw this article today in India times regarding A to Z for weight loss. Here are the tips for weight loss:- A – AVOID ALCOHOL: You booze, you lose! Alcohol increases your levels of the hormone leptin, which in … Continue reading

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Pa !!

Last Saturday, we went to watch the movie “Pa”. I am just glad that I watched this movie. It’s just awesome. Amitabh I mean Auro is superb and steals the whole show. He has acted too well. All the actors … Continue reading

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One of my collegue was narrating his last evening incident which was so funny. He had too much drinks. Some tequila and I think whisky. His wife was becoming impatient. She was in other corner of the hall. She messaged … Continue reading

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Chat !!

I travel to office by auto rickshaw daily in the morning. Since, it’s around 8 months, we have shifted to the new place, I have got some known face of drivers of auto rickshaws, who upon seeing me, immediately come … Continue reading

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Parking Problem!!

Weekend was hectic. Visited Shirdi Saibaba and Shani Singapur temple on Saturday. Very tiring trip but worth after watching Saibaba and Shanidev. We left home at around 4.30 in the morning and reached Shirdi 9.30. I just slept on the … Continue reading

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Random Post!!

Had lots of things to write, but was not able to put it in words. So thought of putting some random post, on current happenings in my life Had a long chat with my friend at Bangalore and felt very … Continue reading

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