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Conversation !!

Scene 1 – Office Gym Me: Look at that guy, he is so cute..A:- Hey ya.. he is very handsome.. look at his eyes, its cuteMe: He has got a damn good muscles ya..A:- true.. Scene 2 – Office Cafetaria … Continue reading

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My Sister !!

My sister is getting married, next month and I am very happy for her. Finally, she is getting married and not only me, but each and every person in our family are happy. I always wonder, are we seriously bonded … Continue reading

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3 Idiots !!

I have been hearing the songs from 3 idiots from past few weeks and I am just falling in love with these songs day by day. The songs are superb and especially the lyrics are totally good. I like the … Continue reading

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Makara Sankranti !!

Sanktrati brings lots of my childhood memories. In childhood days, I used to get a new dress for the festival which used to be silk blouse and skirt. I just loved it. Then on that day, we used to get … Continue reading

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Brainy Stuff !!

Last Friday, when I was getting into the Auto, got hurt on my head, precisely middle of the head. It was hurting too much. After some time, the pain came down. So as soon as I came to office, I … Continue reading

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Kind Gesture !!

Last evening, I had a chat with my sister in law (PK’s elder sister) and the conversation went on like this She:- Have you done with shopping for your sister’s marriage? Me:- Ya its done. Just I need to give … Continue reading

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Weekend !!

Weekend was really good. Saturday, had been to Skin doctor, as I had got some sun burn on my skin and started getting pimples. I visited her and she immediately told me what have u done with your skin? Seriously … Continue reading

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Tag !!

I Saw this tag in Nancy’s blog and thought of taking up. This tag is about 7 things about myself that nobody knows. I could make only 6 and here we go:- When I go for shopping, I have to … Continue reading

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Award !!

I am thrilled, I am excited, I am very happy, I am….. don’t have words to express. I have got my first award since blogging. Nancy has passed on this award to my blog. Thank you so much for this … Continue reading

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