Sad, Sad, Sad and very sad !!

Today I am very very sad 😦

One of my colleague, with whom I have interacted many times, passed away this evening 😥 Its so shocking. He met with an accident that too hit and run case. This happened in the morning at around 6, where there will be not much of traffic. He was lying in pool of blood for sometime, as no one was there on the road and after sometime, some nice soul admitted him in the hospital and informed his family.

But unfortunately, damage was done by the time he was admitted to the hospital and he breathed his last this evening. He is around 35 years old. Whenever I meet him he was very warm and friendly. I just not able to believe that he is no more 😥 I also don’t know how his family is coping up with this tragedy. I am not able to go to see him as he is put up out of Mumbai.

I think if someone would have seen him bit early and admitted to the hospital, the scene might have been changed totally. But the scene cannot be changed. whatever was supposed to happen it has happened 😦

I don’t know what to say. Life is so uncertain 😦 We don’t know what happens when?

I just want to say, Dear B, May your soul rest in peace 😦 We miss you 😦

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7 Responses to Sad, Sad, Sad and very sad !!

  1. Bikram says:

    Oh god… So sad to hear this .. may he rest in peace .. Please my condolensces ..
    real sad sad way ..

    Sorry to hear

  2. Haritha says:

    Sorry to hear!! May his soul rest in peace…

  3. Titaxy says:

    my condolences. may he rest in peace. hugs!

  4. Chatterbox says:

    I am very sorry to hear about your loss
    May your friend rest in peace.

  5. Swaram says:

    I hope and pray God gives them all the strength to cope up with this!
    Hugs to u too Kavya! Take care.

  6. Ram pyaari says:


    This is so sad:( *hugs*

  7. Tanishka says:

    So sorry for him gal… May his soul rest in peace…
    you take care

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