RVTI Moments – My Best Friend

When I was in RVTI, my family was in a very bad financial problem. Every penny mattered to me. My college fees were paid by one of my Uncle. He helped me a lot in those days. I can’t ask him anything more. I never got any pocket money from anyone. My dad sometimes gave me some changes and I was very carefully spending that. I never spent money unnecessarily. Sometimes, I was feeling hungry but I was controlling my hunger as I don’t want to spend money, as I was using that for my travel to the college. My aunty was giving me lunch box, which most of the time contain 2 or 4 slice of bread and jam. I just don’t know how it was filling my stomach. Now, I can’t stay with just 4 slice of bread.

One of my friend Sajitha, used to bring extra food for me as she knew my condition. She always took special care for me. Even today I remember those things and I am always grateful to her. She was also not from a high class family with lots of money. She was also having money problem, but still she always helped me out. Ofcourse, compared to her, my situation was very bad. One incident I can’t ever forget and I don’t know how much I would thank Sajitha for her help.

I and sajitha always were together. She used to meet me in majestic in the morning and we both go together to the college. Once, we had special computer classes at our college, which was arranged in the holidays (after our 1st year exams). One day, I realized when I was leaving to college that I don’t have money for bus. That time, from my house to majestic, it was around 4 bucks and from there I think it was around 8 or 9 bucks. I didn’t have just 4 bucks with me to go to majestic. I just got worried. I never liked to ask for money with my aunty or any relatives. I don’t know why, but I felt very bad to ask for the money. So I didn’t know what to do. Anyway, I just left home and came to bus stop. I just thought very hard and could not get any solution. That time we both didn’t have mobile. So there was no way I was able to contact her. I knew that she might be on the way and she will be waiting for me. Finally I thought let me walk down to majestic. It was around 4 kms from my place. I just started walking and I think I took around 1 hr.

Poor girl she was waiting at majestic for long time. I was totally exhausted when I finally came to majestic. She saw me and immediately she understood my situation. God knows, how she just reads my mind. She just opened her purse and handed over 20 Rs. and told me that don’t ever try to repeat this. Then she got me a juice, since I didn’t had my breakfast. Then we left to college and she took tickets for both of us. Then we completed our class and came back home.

Not only this incident she helped me but she has helped all over my course. She was my best friend in the college. We both always shared our feelings, emotions, etc. I am just happy that I am settled down in life and I pray to the god that I should not get that type of life once again. Sajitha is also married and settled down. But I always think of doing something to her. But I don’t know how and in what way I can repay her? I just want to help her in whatever the way I can.

Sajitha, I just want to say you thank you for everything you did in my life and pray to the god that you should lead a very happy life and all your dreams should come true. Whatever the problem you have, just a call and I will promise that I will be there with you. Only this way, I think I can repay you. Thanks again, for everything.
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