Taking a Break!!

I am off to Bangalore this evening flight for my cousin’s marriage.

Hopefully, this time I don’t mess up with flight as every time I do. Last time it was worst.

When I left to Bangalore, last time, I don’t know what made me to think that my flight is at 3 in the afternoon. So I packed my things and left home by 1PM. I reached airport around 1.40. I just entered the airport and saw the screen. I was shocked to see that my flight was at 2PM. I just cursed the airport officials that they didn’t informed me about the change 😛

Then I headed to the counter and took out my e ticket and I was shocked once again. The flight was indeed at 2PM 😦 The counter was closed and I don’t know how much I requested them and told some stories and finally gained sympathy and they gave me a boarding pass. I was the last one to get into the flight and I could not forget the stare I got inside the flight 😛

Return flight was another story. I was supposed to meet my uncle who was hospitalized in a Hospital nearby to Garuda Mall. So my flight was at 7. So I met him and went to canteen with my cousin for coffee. I checked up with one person there that where do I get the bus for the airport. He told me that just stand outside the hospital. You will get N number of buses. So I thought I will leave hospital by 4.30 and it takes around one hour to reach the new airport. So I took the luggage and left on time and came outside and once again I checked up with the butta person where do I get the bus to airport. He told just stand in the signal and you get it. So I obediently went and stood there. I waited for around 15-20 mins for the airport bus, but nothing was visible. I got a doubt.

I once again went to the same person and I asked him. The customer who was there with him, he told me that you will get it in the signal itself, don’t worry, it will come. So I waited once again for another 15-20 mins. I was getting tensed as I could not see a single bus for airport. Once again I went to him and told him no bus has come for which he told that “arey so many buses came, why you dint got into those buses”. I was shocked and told him that I have not seen any airport bus. At that time, one bus came and he told him, see one more bus has come you can get into that. I saw that bus and told him that this will not go to Devanahalli airport and then I realized that these people indeed directing me to the old airport 😦

Then finally I told them that I need to go to Devanahalli, one more shocking news came that Devanahalli airport bus does not come here and I need to go somewhere and they directed me to the opposite direction. I felt like whacking them. God, I think after that I spoke to around 5-6 people and when I asked them Airport bus, they were directing me to the old Airport and I corrected and told them that I wanna go to Devanahalli airport. I was just roaming, roaming till 6 with heavy luggage, nearby to Garuda Mall. I thought I will miss my flight 😦 Then I did the wisest thing to catch an auto till mekhri circle. But hell lot of traffic jam was there. I don’t know how much I have shouted on that Auto Driver that day :P. Then finally I called up PK and told him to check any other flight. He checked up and told me that there is a flight around 9. I told him to book that flight, but check with the current flight whether they are on time or not. When checked up, I was so lucky that the flight got delayed to 9 😛 I reached on time to the airport.

I don’t know every time, I end up like this  in the airport. This time I have made sure that my flight details are all on time and I have checked up with the airport also 😛

Anyway, see you people and take care.

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12 Responses to Taking a Break!!

  1. Swaram says:

    Ha ha ha! Have some nice fun @ the wedding and no such adventurous fun at the airport though 😉 😉 Hugs Kavya!

  2. Bikram says:

    wowo.. just in time then .. thats why they say to reach 3 or 2 hours early for flights .. he hehe … I am opposite I reach much earlier and since i dont carry luggage , esepcially when coming to india cause i got clothes at home so i go early checkin and then go and roam around if its london , then go for some site seeing, Once i even went to a movie ..

    I have had a few of these close calls tooo..

    Now have a great time and enjoy the wedding lots to eat and dance 🙂 yayyyyyy

  3. Chatterbox says:

    Take care Kavya at the airport and have tons of fun at the wedding 😛 😛

  4. Tanishka says:

    I can say nothing about the airport bit coz I always end up reaching late but thatkfully have never missed a flight 😀
    Have lots of fun in the wedding gal… 🙂

  5. Titaxy says:

    enjoy the wedding!

  6. Haritha says:

    Hehe..I’ve no such experiences with the flight journeys coz always someone keeps alarming me from behind [dad b4 marriage and now ‘S’ :)]. Hope yu had no such experience this time..Have fun @ the wedding 🙂

    • Kavya says:

      Whenever I leave with PK, I will be always on time, but most of the time, I go alone and that is the time, when I end up late at airport 😛

      Thanks Haritha 😛

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