Brother and Sister – the Best relationship!!

This month I am leaving to Bangalore for my Cousin Brother V’s marriage :).

When I think about the marriage, I realized that how much my cousins have grown up. They have grown up enough that, one is getting married, another two are engineers and earning and three other cousins are in final year and in another one year they will be out of college. I seriously do not know where the time has fled away. God, I still remember how much fun we used to have when we meet up at the function. We, 10 cousins used to get together and used to pull each other legs. We played so many games. I had a special bonding with all the cousins than my sister. I don’t know why, but they felt very safe with me and they used to tell me everything happening around them. Oh god, it was so much fun 😛

The carom game which we played with teams with a grudge to defeat the other party and it would end by throwing pawns on each other. Shuttle, badminton, thief and police, hiding game, god it was totally fun. The best part was that the elders also used to join the fun ride 😀

I think I need to tell the details of each person here. Pl tolerate with me for the long post 😛

Sister: I have already written a post about her and the relationship between us. It has improved a little bit where it was. But still the effort from her side is not happening. Let’s see.

V:- This is the person I adore a lot and very proud of him, because the way he has come up is seriously excellent. He failed in 10th exam twice, became introvert and feared to meet anyone. If at all he meets in the function, he used to sit in one corner alone. He worked as a waiter for some time and struggled a lot to earn income to help his father. Finally I just don’t know how and when he came to Bangalore and got a job in marketing and now he is doing excellent job. Now he can talk fluent English whereas he didn’t knew how to talk, he has become extrovert, can speak to rock also and always jovial. I just can’t express how much I am happy for him. Now he is getting married. I wish both of them all the best for the future 😀

P: He is the younger brother of V and me. He is always jovial and used to pull everyone’s leg. He had got white hairs every early. I can say at around 16 or 17 and we used to make fun of him always. He used to tell so many colorful stories about girls, god I used to fall laughing 😆 He does mimicry of all the Kannada actors with funny quotes. He is totally fun and we always had a helluva time with him. He is working as accountant and doing great job.

P1: He is the person who is very close to me. We both used to spend so many nights sitting in the balcony and discuss so many things in life whether it might be about books, career or any cute girl. We both have gone to so many movies. He is totally fun to be with. I remember one incident. I was around 6 or 7 years and he was around 2 or 3 years. I was operated for some silly reasons (another post 😀 ). I was discharged from the hospital and felt very sleepy. I was able to make out what was happening around me. I was taken to P1’s home and I was made to sleep on the bed. Immediately P came to me, caressed my hair, kissed me on my forehead and told “K get well soon, I want to play with you, I love you”. I just can’t forget that incident 🙂 He is my darling brother. Now he is a software engineer and work for an esteemed company.

S: She is one energetic person. God, I just don’t know she will be always in high spirit, whether it might at 2 in the night 😀 Her voice will be always cheerful. She is the darling of our house. I think she is lucky to have a dad like my uncle. How much he love her, god, I think I need to write a post about him. Just a slight cut on her hand, he just rush back and put so much bandage on her hand with tears in his eyes. He is just madly loves his daughter. Same with S. She just loves her dad like anything. She narrates the whole day story to him including the cute boys. Touchwood!! She is very sweet and at the same time she is very very lazy. Can you believe, she gets up at 3 or 4 in the afternoon, when she has got holiday from the college!! But she is always jovial. She had come here around 15 days back here and we had a very nice time. She is doing her Engineering and next year she will get into the corporate world 🙂

D:- She look exactly like me and very silent, simple girl :). She is bit reserved but very sweet girl. She is so talented, she can do awesome bridal makeup, put mehendi, drawing, etc. She is doing her graduation and will complete next year.

K:- She is the Ms. Universe, Ms.World of our home 😆 She is too good-looking, very well-mannered girl. First look at you, you feel that she has got lots of head weight or attitudes, but once you interact with her, you will know that she is the sweetest girl. Since, her parents that is my uncle and aunty speak English and Tamil, she is not so good in Kannada. But when she try to speak kannada, it will be very funny 😀 P and P1 job will be always making fun of this girl and she just takes it sportively. I remember, when she was small, every visit, she used to change her desired profession, sometimes, it used to be model, then RJ, then Air hostess, then Engineer and now finally she has chosen Finance 😆 Whenever I meet her, she is very warm and friendly. She is doing her Graduation and complete next year.

C:- He is my kid. He is the youngest cousin. I literally brought him up. I think from the age of 4 years I took care of him. Every summer holidays or even a single holiday, he used to run away to our house. He just loved me like anything. I used to play with him, whether it is cricket or anything. I used to give him bath, get him dressed, and tell him bed time stories. That reminds me, God how many bed stories I had told him. So many stories I myself had created. Whenever he go back to his house, he used to scold his mummy and tell her that K tells stories so nicely and you don’t know anything.. LOL.. I could not believe when he sent me orkut and FB request. He has grown up now. He is doing his engineering. I miss those innocent things about him. Though he has grown up, he is still a kid for me.

I have literally seen my cousins growing into adults. I am so looking forward for this marriage as I can have same fun with all the above cousins.

Siblings are so much fun right! I think it is the best relationship one could have. I think, each and everyone would have some special bonding and stories with siblings. Siblings always rock !!

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20 Responses to Brother and Sister – the Best relationship!!

  1. Tanishka says:

    That is such a cute post Kavya…. Loved reading about all your cousins… 🙂
    V is such an inspiring guy… I can imagine how proud you must be of him… Wish him a very happy married life… 🙂
    Lol at K’s changing professions and finally taking up finance… That is what I exactly did… 😀
    P1 and C are really cute…. 🙂
    We always share a very special relation with our siblings…. This post has reminded me of all my cousins… 🙂

  2. Titaxy says:

    sweet sweet post 🙂

  3. Chatterbox says:

    Bonds between siblings are the best…no matter how old we grow and how further we go geographically but the cords of love bind us strongly forever 😛
    Absolutely beautiful post 😀 😀

  4. Swaram says:

    We are 10 in all too, inc. my sis 🙂 It’s really sooo much fun to meet and hv fun with cousins 🙂
    That incident with P1 is sooo soo sweet 🙂
    So, next up is a post on operations 😉

    Have a gr8 trip and time Kavya 🙂

  5. Scribby says:

    yes siblings are pillar of strength and when these are around you actually don’t need anyone else to be with 🙂 you’re are you own gang !! 😀

  6. Bikram says:

    THis sounds just like home.. Since my dad lived in a city , almost every cousin at one stage came to live with us for there studies in chandigarh.. SO we had a full house , I can relate to this post.. My sis had lots of fun as she got pampered by all the guy cousins … and we boys had our own fun , ganging up on people, playing cricket in the gally, doing silly things
    sneaking out in middle of night…

    going on uphill trips together basically creating a ruckus everywhere

    Congrats on the Wedding , god bless the couple 🙂

    and even now when i am in uk and the rest are here and there settled in life , when we get together (ahhh its been long) , its FUN TIME we still sneak out at night, go to eat paranthas near PGI… go to places where we went in our childhood do silly things still and i thank god because we still are so close to each other inspite of the distance …

    and the day i ring one to say i am planning to come the first question they say is when u landing … and the party starts from delhi airport, a few years back i went to india and reached home on the 5th day ……. he he he PARENTS were not happy .. nope not at all..

    ooops long comment 🙂

  7. Kavya says:

    Oh I can imagine the fun you must have had with your siblings 🙂 They are totally fun 🙂

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